AirAsia is a major airline flying in and around the Asian and other countries. AirAsia is equipped with modern technology flights and high-end amenities for the passengers to enjoy their flight times. If you are traveling outside or within India, book your tickets with AirAsia and get amazon deals and onboard services.

For booking queries and information on other services provided by AirAsia, please contact the AirAsia customer service.

Ways to connect with AirAsia:

Call customer service: You can get in touch with the customer service of AirAsia through a phone and discuss the issues with a customer service representative. On a call, you can ask multiple questions to resolve them. To connect on AirAsia phone number, try the following steps:

  • Call on 080 4666 2222
  • The call will start with IVR
  • Press the concerned numbers for the queries and assistance requests
  • You can also take the option for speaking to a customer service person from AirAsia.
  • Share your concerns and clarify your doubts.

An online chat: if you are not able to reach the AirAsia customer service number every time you call for help, get on the live chat service and send your queries through texts. To start the live chat with AirAsia, do the following:

  • Go to the official website of AirAsia on
  • Click on the support tab
  • You can find a chat icon on the corner
  • Click to open the chat window
  • Enter your messages
  • Hit the send tab
  • You can continue the conversation on the issues on the chat window for assistance.

Chat on WhatsApp: A passenger can send a WhatsApp message for regular or urgent queries to AirAsia. The customer service will respond immediately to WhatsApp, thereby giving the needed assistance. To convey the WhatsApp message to the AirAsia customer service phone number, follow the steps:

  • Visit the
  • Reach the customer contact information page
  • Click on the icon “chat on WhatsApp.”
  • A new page will open
  • Click on continue chat for web chat
  • You can also access the WhatsApp from your phone.

Send a message on social media: AirAsia’s customer service is very prompt to reply to the message sent on the social media pages of the airline. Check out the following handles to get the latest updates and connect with customer service:

  • Facebook:
    You can use the Facebook messenger option for an online chat with a customer service person.
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:

With all the above described ways to contact AirAsia customer service, you can speak to a human at Air Asia directly regarding your queries and doubts and solve them.

On the contact form: You can share your thoughts, opinions, and complaints on the feedback form available on the official website of AirAsia. You can receive information on the covid guidelines from AirAsia customer service through this form.

Send an email: To receive the latest updates and information you can send your registered email address to AirAsia and get added to their email list for email correspondence.

AirAsia phone app: The airline suggests interested people to download the AirAsia app on the phone and log in with email to get better connectivity with the customer service.

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