Air Canada, the largest airline in Canada is renowned for exceptional customer service and high-quality products. It may seem difficult to contact Air Canada as it is a large airline. But getting in touch with a customer care representative at Air Canada is an easy and quick process. As the airline has millions of customers all across the world, there are various channels of communication available so that the customers can get through to Air Canada easily and get a resolution to any travel-related query. Whether you want to make a reservation, request a refund, or simply want to share your feedback, you can complete these tasks by talking to a customer service agent at Air Canada.

Different ways to get through to Air Canada

Via the official website:

The official website of Air Canada can be used to get through to Air Canada. It is user-friendly, and you will find all the contact information that you may require. You can now follow the steps given below.

  • You must go to the Homepage -
  • Scroll down to the Customer support column and click "Contact Information."
  • The customer support page will open with various options like contact numbers for flight info and reservations, delayed and damaged baggage, and much more.

Via Phone number:

The Air Canada customer service number 1 888 247-2262 can be used to get in touch with the airline. A customer service agent will be available if you call the Air Canada phone number to get assistance. It is the quickest way to get through to Air Canada and talk to a representative.

Via Email:

You can get through to Air Canada by sending an email. It is a preferred way of communication for many customers as you get to keep track of the conversation. You can follow the steps below to send an email.

  • You have to go to the Home page -
  • Scroll down to the customer support column and click "Contact Information."
  • A new page called Customer support will open.
  • Click "Send an Email."
  • You can choose from the options to send an email.

Via Chat:

You can use the option to chat and get through to Air Canada. You will get an instant reply from a customer service agent for any travel-related query. Chatting is convenient and a preferred way of communication for most people.

Via Social media:

If you do not prefer calling Air Canada customer service phone number, you can use your social media account to get through to Air Canada. The airline is available on Facebook and Twitter. You can follow Air Canada on the websites given below to get assistance.

Facebook -
Twitter -

By using the Mailing Address:

The mailing address can be used to send a letter to Air Canada. You can post your query or send your documents to the address given below.

Air Canada Centre,
ZIP 1273 P.O. Box 14000,
Station Airport Dorval, Québec H4Y 1H4

This information will be useful if you want to get through to Air Canada's customer service team. For any other help, visit the official website

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